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Liberal's Twitter Thread Showcase How Bad Policies Have Turned San Francisco Into a Nightmare


Spontaneous looting and shoplifting gangs have taken full advantage of California decriminalizing stealing from stores and a district attorney who is relaxed when it comes to law and order.


With the Christmas season fast approaching, San Francisco's Union Square has been particularly hit hard with looting gangs targeting high-end stores. In response, businesses have taken steps like boarding up windows and hiring armed security.

Michelle Tandler, a self-described "Moderate Liberal," posted pictures of what the once ritzy area looks like now. I can say looking at her thread, it gives me riot flashbacks since it looks like San Francisco is expecting one of those famous "mostly peaceful protests."


"I have no words right now to convey the shock and disappointment I feel towards our local government. My hands are trembling I am so angry at our leaders. This is their doing," Tandler wrote.

It is yet another example of how progressive policies, done under the guise of "social justice," does nothing but contribute to the downfall of once-great American cities.

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