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Action Star Adam Baldwin Has Some Thoughts On Alec Baldwin's 'Negligence' and 'Recklessness'


Actor Adam Baldwin, who has used more than his fair share of prop guns, gave his thoughts on Alec Baldwin, no relation, accidentally shooting a prop gun that was loaded killing one and injuring another.

Adam Baldwin said Alec Baldwin should "man up, confess and throw himself on the mercy of the court (both legal & public opinion) and $ pay $ for his negligence/recklessness."

When it came to how the media has sometimes framed the shooting as the gun going off, Adam rightly noted guns fire when the trigger is pulled.

"In 40+ years no one’s ever handed me a firearm on set that wasn’t open and easily eyeballed by me personally as to its status, loaded or unloaded. Alec has experienced this same himself as a 40yr film veteran and producer. He was negligent, at best," Adam continued.

From what we know now, it appears Alec Baldwin took the word of the assistant director saying the prop gun was not loaded with anything, which if you know anything about firearm safety, never take the word of someone and always check if a gun is loaded.

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