So Many Illegal Immigrants Could Come to the US This Month Even the MSM Is Sounding the Alarm

Posted: Oct 01, 2021 2:00 PM

The current border crisis has been ongoing since the start of the Biden administration and having been to various parts of the U.S.-Mexico border, I can say it appears there is no end in sight. On top of the unrelenting flow of people and drugs, it could get much worse, so much so that even the mainstream media is starting to notice the glaring problem again.

NBC News reported as many as 400,000 illegal immigrants could cross over into the United States in the month of October, which is double of the already record-high encounters in June, July, and August, with each month reaching over 200,000 encounters along the southern border. The summer month's numbers do not include the illegal aliens who were able to avoid apprehension by Border Patrol, with officials estimating those numbers are also at all-time highs.

In comparison, U.S. Customs and Border protection encountered 71,946 people attempting to illegally enter the country in October 2020 and 45,139 people in October 2019.

The warning from U.S. officials comes shortly after the Del Rio Sector in Texas saw a massive surge in illegal immigrants, mostly Haitians coming from Central and South America, crossing over from Mexico. Reports indicate there are more Haitians, in addition to other Central and South Americans, already on their way to the United States.

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