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AP Photo/Richard Drew

Two-thirds of Americans believe the ongoing corporate political wokeness that has overtaken much of its dialogue has gone too far, according to a poll by Public Opinion Strategies.


The poll, commissioned by The Daily Wire, found 65 percent of Americans believe companies like the Walt Disney Company have taken political correctness too far, "including a majority of every age group tested, 90% of Republicans, 60% of Independents and 47% of Democrats," compared to 35 percent who do not.

The poll also found that while Disney still has a largely positive image, its public image has taken a dip because "those who have heard something in the news recently regarding Disney say that it made them less favorable to the company":

  • “Disney defended using sets near the slave camps in China.”
  • “Them firing people for having different views than the boss has.”
  • “They are yielding to woke cultural activism.”
  • “They are developing a full-blown cancel culture.”
  • “They caved to the liberals of the cancel culture. If she had liberal views, she would be
  • hailed as a champion.”
  • “They fired an actress who dared to be conservative.”

The Daily Wire signed former Disney+ star Gina Carano after she was fired for social media posts deemed too offensive, though similar examples of social media posts from others who co-starred with Carano did not yield the same result.


The same poll found over 70 percent of those surveyed believe Carano should not have been fired by Disney.

"Corporate America’s lunge into 'wokeness' and cancel culture might hit a bump in the road given public reaction to Disney’s recent actions. With at least half of Americans opposing each of the Disney actions tested and also being less likely to watch Disney programming, companies may be wise to slow the stampede to 'wokeism.' This data clearly shows that actions like the ones Disney has taken recently definitely have the potential to negatively impact its bottom line," Public Opinion Strategies said in its analysis of the poll.

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