Joy Behar: I Don't Think People Get How Close We Came to a Dictatorship

Posted: Dec 21, 2020 2:30 PM

"The View" host Joy Behar breathed a sigh of relief during Monday's episode because she said the United States came really close to becoming a dictatorship.

Along with that sigh of relief, Behar said she is thankful for people like former Secretary of State John Kerry, who will be taking on the issue of climate change in Joe Biden's administration.

"We came this close. We basically came this close to a dictatorship. I don't think people really get that 100 percent. I’m happy to get rid of people like Stephen Miller and the rest of the cast of the 'Lord of the Flies,'" Behar said.

"I'm happy to have John Kerry dealing with climate. You know, climate change is one of the things — when I was a kid, I used to worry about nuclear war all the time because when I was young, they made us hide under the desk, and I — I used to say, well, why would I bring my library books back when we're all going to die in a nuclear war? And that basically describes my childhood. Happy Thanksgiving," she said.

Behar's line of thinking about the nation "almost" becoming a dictatorship is what has plagued the mainstream media during President Trump's term. The fear porn has grown the mainstream media to new heights about warning of Trump's close turn to a dictator, which, of course, never happened.

Even now, with some worried about Trump not leaving office on January 20, Trump has said he will move forward with the transfer of power while still exploring his legal options to root out voting irregularities. These moves are a far cry from dictator status. That or Trump is the worst dictator in the history of the world.