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'Give Us Your House!': Seattle Protesters Harass People in the City's Neighborhoods

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Protesters marching in Seattle were caught on video harassing people in apartment buildings, accusing them of taking part in pushing out the black people who used to live in the neighborhood. 


The video, taken by Concrete Reporting on Wednesday, showed a crowd of protesters demanding the people who were in the apartment complex to "give us your house!" and made jokes about how they supposedly worked for Amazon. 

"Give black people back their homes! You're sitting there comfortably, comfortable as f**k as if you didn't help to gentrify this neighborhood...my family was pushed out and you're sitting there with your other white friends!" one woman with a megaphone shouted at people in the building.

"You're ok with it, but guess what we're not and we're bringing it to your front f**king door!" a man then shouted. "How do you plan to regentrify a black neighborhood!"

The crowd continued to march through Seattle's neighborhoods chanting and using instruments. Some in the crowd also used flashlights to shine into the windows of the homes.


The mob also shouted, "Pay the fee! Open your purse!" to residents, saying it was "reparation time. Give us our sh*t back!"

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