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Former Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Supporters Explain Why They Jumped on the Trump Train

President Trump supporters who had previously backed other Democratic candidates explained to "Fox & Friends" on Monday why they decided to hop on the "Trump Train" in 2020.

The panel, all African-Americans, had varying reasons for switching from Democrat to Republican, but each of them is satisfied with the job Trump has done since coming into office.

"When he first ran I was on the fence. I was ready to get on board the Trump Train, but it was difficult because, obviously, being an African-American and being a Democrat in the past, I would go against my family, my friends and what we believed in traditionally, but over time I got on board the train and I am voting for Trump in 2020 because he has done what he said he would do and they always say if it’s not broke then don’t try to fix it. And so there is nothing we need to fix. We need to go and further support President Donald Trump," Quan Lanae Green told host Steve Doocy.

"It’s basically really about results. I also was on the fence when he first got in office. The rhetoric was kind of scary, but once you get past it and after the first 100 days and after the first year, you know, he came through with his promises and so much more that he has done, specifically for the black community, I feel as well," Kyree Davis, who voted for Clinton in 2016, said.

"The Democratic Party is still fractured. They haven’t healed from the wounds of 2016, I would say. I’m proof of that. I was a passionate Bernie Sanders supporter, but that populist appeal is obviously still there. I believe that he was the only person who mirrored Trump back in 2016. And obviously his people haven’t changed," Shalah Collins said about her former party.

An NBC News and Wall Street Journal poll found 14% of African-American voters approve of Trump, with an overwhelming 84% disapproving. But the large voting bloc is split on who it will choose on the Democratic side for president. Former Vice President Joe Biden, who gained a big boost from African-American voters in the South Carolina primary, got 31% support. Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) is close behind at 29%.


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