Chris Cuomo Accuses NH Governor of Being Ok With An Autocrat That Hates the Free Press

Posted: Feb 11, 2020 10:10 AM

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo accused New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu of being so afraid of socialism that he would rather have an autocrat, like President Trump, who hates freedom of the press.

Cuomo interviewed Sununu on the eve of the Democratic primary in the state, where the votes are more important than ever since the results in the Iowa caucuses are being contested by some of the candidates and their supporters.

"I get the fear of socialism, I get why that’s working, I get that that’s going to be about definitions. But I have to argue with you, governor, it’s deeper than what you’re suggesting right now. When he called New Hampshire a drug-infested den. You’ve got a big problem with opioids that is disproportionate. It’s one of the highest in the country, depending on the metric, the highest. It’s not because New Hampshire sucks. It’s not because they’re bad people there. It’s not the way it should be defined and that’s the pass you’re giving him," Cuomo said.

"I know you went after him when he said it, governor. But I’m saying, he does that all the time to whomever he opposes. And you say you don’t want a socialist, but okay with an autocrat who says, don’t believe the free press, the FBI is out to get you, you can’t trust any of the institutions of government, unless they agree with me," Cuomo continued. "These are things that you would never say, that you would never allow in an opponent and you would never endorse and yet you’re endorsing the president. I don’t get how you accept that part of it?"

"Government has to be about results. It has to have accountability. The days of we’re just going to say this and not do anything. We’re going to say we’re going to fight regulatory reform, but not do it. We have presidents who say they’re going to fight for better deals overseas and never do it. This president gets results," Sununu replied.