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AP Photo/Meg Kinnard

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) told late-night T.V. host Seth Meyers that even if the Senate votes to acquit President Trump on the two articles of impeachment, the entire process would have been worth it because it could have prevented other "corrupt schemes."


The Senate's impeachment trial on the two articles, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, is now on its second day after the first day ended in the very early morning hours on Wednesday.

"Will you look back and say that it ultimately was worth it because that was one of the questions that people were asking early on. 'Look, you don’t have the votes in the Senate, why are you going through all this, was it worth it?'" Meyer asked.

"Yes and I thought about that a lot and here’s what we know about Donald Trump when you stand up to him, he’s a coward, it turns out and he stops being corrupt and the best example, the best example is what happened with Ukraine, right so he’s holding back the money, he’s saying, 'I need you to investigate Joe Biden.' The whistle-blower and Dr. Fiona Hill and Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, they come forward, and what happens? Ukraine got the aid," Swalwell said.


"They stood up, made it public, Ukraine got the aid. I believe if they had never said anything, Ukraine would still not have that aid today, and he’d still be trying to investigate Biden. So as long as we keep standing up to him, who knows what other corrupt schemes we're stopping because he’s under the pressure of an impeachment," the former presidential candidate added.

Swalwell then jokingly quipped the lawyer who would both represent Trump and Rudy Giuliani would have the worst luck.

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