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Barbara Boxer Knows Who Really Is to Blame for the Iranians Shooting Down Ukrainian Airplane

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Former California Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) responded to the reports stating that it appears the Iranian military shot down a Ukrainian airplane on the night they fired ballistic missiles at bases in Iraq where American troops were stationed.


While there were no American or Iraqi casualties during the attack, a Ukrainian passenger airplane crashed after took off from Tehran's international airport. All 176 civilians and the crew were killed. At first, blaming mechanical failure, the claim has been in question, especially since the Iranian refuse to hand over the plane's black box.

Pentagon officials revealed on Thursday evidence points to Iran's military shooting down the aircraft. 

Boxer blamed President Trump for the crash, saying it shows "everyone in the world how war leads to heart-wrenching unintended consequences," adding, "We need a president who understands this. Dump Trump 2020."


Boxer has previously stated that while the escalations between Iran and the United States have stopped for now, "Let’s get on the path to a sane, smart, world-respected foreign policy again. That path is clear -dump Trump in 2020."

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