'Trump Could Use Two or Three Proofreaders': CNN Runs Segment on Trump's Twitter Typos

Posted: Nov 03, 2019 12:35 PM

Sunday's edition of CNN's "Reliable Sources" featured a segment on "some never-before-seen data" about President Trump's Twitter typos.

The information was complied by "Fact Base," which complies Twitter data from Trump, members of Congress, and other elected officials. In their findings, Trump has made an average of 188 spelling since taking office in January of 2017.

"Fact Base" also found that out of Trump's family, Trump Jr. is in second place with 90 spelling errors. Former President Barack Obama has made zero spelling mistakes since Trump took office. Obama has notably tweeted less than Trump in the same timeframe.

They noted Trump has made more misspellings in 2018 than in 2017, 2016, or 2015.

"We could all use a proofreader, right? I think President Trump could use two or three proofreaders," host Brian Stelter said.

"Some of his aides claim the misspellings make him authentic. I just think his English teachers would have flunked him for that excuse," he added.

"These are things that could have been avoided, and it’s kind of surprising that since he’s the 11th largest Twitter account in the world, somebody should be checking it or having a bot check it," CEO Bill Frischling said.

Frischling said Trump should just turn on autocorrect.

Stelter admitted on Twitter that the typos are "not the most important thing in the world, but accuracy DOES matter."