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Journalists Lose Their Minds After Trump Tweets a Meme About the Heroic Dog from ISIS Raid

White House via AP

Some journalists were not in a joyful mood after President Trump tweeted a lighthearted meme on Wednesday about the military working dog who helped track down and kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


The meme, made by the Daily Wire, depicts Trump giving a medal to the dog in a similar fashion to the president awarding a service member the Medal of Honor.

While many on social media appreciated the sentiment, especially since the canine was wounded during the raid, some who took exception to the meme came from our brave defenders of democracy: people in the media. They wanted to make sure people knew the image, which featured the Daily Wire's watermark, was not a real photograph but was "doctored."


It's almost as if the industry has gained a reputation for being filled with humorless scolds that can't even find a small bit of joy in something, like say, a dog assisting in ending the life of a brutal terrorist leader.


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