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Jim Jordan: This Impeachment Inquiry Is 'Such a Sham and Has Been Such a Sham from the Beginning’

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the ranking House Oversight and Reform Committee member, responded to the news that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will be holding a vote on the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.


Jordan was asked on "Fox & Friends" what changes will happen to the impeachment inquiry following Thursday's vote.

"Well, I don’t think’s also all done in secret in a bunker in the basement of the Capitol. So I don’t think anything is going to change. And frankly, even if they tried to change something to give a little bit of due process, we are all still going to vote against this because this is such a sham and been such a sham from the beginning," Jordan said on Tuesday.

"So, yeah, I don’t think — and you can’t undo what they've already done. We've had these eight depositions now. They've been leaking selective parts of it. I haven’t been following any type of basic due process. So, you can’t undo what they have done. I think this is just one more kind of make it up as you go along example, And it’s all been done in secret with these secret leaks," he added.

Pelosi's statement on Monday said the resolution will validate "the ongoing, existing investigation that is currently being conducted by our committees as part of this impeachment inquiry, including all requests for documents, subpoenas for records and testimony, and any other investigative steps previously taken or to be taken as part of this investigation."


The resolution will establish guidelines on open hearings, the disclosure of deposition transcripts, and due process rights for Trump, which are many of the items Republicans have been criticizing the impeachment inquiry for lacking.

Other top Republicans, such as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) and Minority Whip Steve Scalise (LA), have criticized Pelosi for just now deciding to hold a vote. 

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