Buttigieg: Warren Was More Forthcoming About Her Selfies Than Her Plan to Pay for Medicare For All

Posted: Oct 16, 2019 11:55 AM

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg continued to criticize Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for not providing a full explanation for her Medicare for All plan at Tuesday night's Democratic presidential primary debate.

Buttigieg, who was positioned right next to Warren during the CNN debate, directly confronted Warren on the issue, asking, "I don’t understand why you believe the only way to deliver affordable coverage for everybody is to obliterate private plans?"

During his interview with CNN on Wednesday, Buttigieg said she was "more forthcoming" about the number of pictures she has taken with her supporters than her Medicare For All plan."

"I have a lot of respect for Senator Warren, but last night she was more specific and forthcoming about the number of selfies she’s taken than about how this plan is going to be funded," the South Bend, Ind. mayor said. "And that’s a real problem, especially when there’s a better way to deliver health care coverage to everybody." (emphasis added)

Buttigieg explained many Americans want to keep their private health insurance plans, which is why his proposal would a be voluntary.

"And I think that’s the right answer, especially when you do the math and realize it’s also an answer that is paid for, unlike the Medicare for All, whether you want it or not plans, that still have this giant question mark over how it’s supposes to work," he said.

Warren defended her idea during the debate by saying costs will only go up for the wealthy and large businesses. She added that she will not sign a bill that would raise costs on middle class families.