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CNN Came In Last For Ratings During Their Entire LGBTQ Town Hall

AP Photo/Ron Harris

CNN came in dead last for ratings during their almost five-hour "Equality Town Hall" event with the Democratic presidential candidates on Thursday. Fox News came in first and MSNBC was in second during the same time period.


Fox News was the most-watched cable news network in primetime in both total viewers and in the 25-54 age demographic, according to early Nielsen Media Research.

Fox News was in first place for the entirety of CNN’s nearly five-hour long town hall from 7:30 p.m.-12 a.m. by averaging 3.7 million viewers and 662,000 in the 25-54 demo.

CNN was in last place by having an average of 1.1 million total viewers and 320,000 in the 25-54  demo, meaning Fox News had a triple-digit advantage over CNN. 

While CNN aired their town hall, Fox News' evening programing mainly consisted of President Trump's rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During CNN's event, trans activists interrupted the candidates and questioners multiple times. One, black trans woman specifically called out the network.

"Let me tell you something, black transwomen are being killed in this country, and CNN, you have erased black transwomen for the last time. Let me tell you something, black transwomen are dying! Our lives matter! I am an extraordinary black transwoman, and I deserve to be here!" said activist Blossom Brown.


Even after moderator Don Lemon asked for the microphone, Brown continued her rant,"Black trans women are being killed in this country! Black trans women are dying and our lives matter! Not one black trans woman or man has been given the mic tonight."

CNN's other single issue town halls have also fallen behind in ratings. For their seven hour climate town hall, the network was in last place in total viewership, but they did come in second for the 25-54 age demo, averaging 265,000 viewers.

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