'Nazi Scum!' Antifa Blocks Elderly Couple From Crossing the Street

Posted: Sep 30, 2019 10:30 AM

Antifa in Canada came out in force to protest an event being put on by People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier and political commentator Dave Rubin. In a video posted on Twitter, members of Antifa can be seen blocking the path of an elderly couple and heckling them.

The couple was attempting to cross the street, when the masked protesters stood in front of them, shouting, "Nazi scum! Off our streets! Nazi scum! Off our streets!" 

When the man got closer to Antifa, one of them can be heard shouting, "Don't f--king touch me!"

"These Antifa protesters are a small minority of violent thugs. The most frightening is that their extremist, Far Left ideology is now tacitly supported by many in academia, the media, activist organizations, and politics. Our democracy is in danger," Bernier tweeted in response to the video.

Other interactions between Antifa and supporters of Bernier resulted in altercations. In a statement, Canadian police said around 100 counter-protesters showed up, with four people arrested for breaching "of the peace." Those who were arrested were later released unconditionally.

They added no injuries were reported.

CBC reported the event by Bernier and Rubin was centered around preserving "freedom" from censorship in the country, their doubts about climate change science, keeping government small, and Bernier's plan to repeal the Multiculturalism Act.