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Democratic Army Vet Reuses Ad From Failed Congressional Run to Announce 2020 Bid

After failing to win the West Virginia House in the 2018 midterms, Richard Ojeda, a former Army paratrooper, announced he is running for the Democratic nomination to go up against President Donald Trump in 2020.


In his first ad for president, Ojeda describes how he is going to fight for people in Washington, D.C. and what he saw during his service overseas.

“I never dreamed that I would come home only to find children in my own backyard that have it worse than the kids I saw in Afghanistan,” he narrates in his presidential ad.

The video and the narration is eerily similar to Ojeda’s ad when he was running for Congress. “I never dreamed that I would come home only to find children in my own backyard that have it worse than the kids I saw in Afghanistan,” Ojeda states in his Congressional ad.

In way, it’s fiscally responsible to reuse material and just change the narration, rather than paying for a whole-new ad.

According to his campaign website, this is how his ethos of “Service Requires Sacrifice Mission is simple”:

  • Anyone who is elected to Federal public office, or is appointed to the Cabinet, must sacrifice any net worth over a million dollars to charity of their choice (a real charity, not some family foundation run by their kids).

  • After they retire from public office, they will collect a $130,000 pension per year. They can make another $120,000, on their own, for a total of $250,000 per year maximum for life, subject to automatic yearly cost of living adjustments. If you really want to sell your country out to big pharma, all you can get in return for your soul is $120,000.

  • Elected officials will have the same healthcare package options as everyday Americans.

“It’s time for us to ask of our legislators and our president to make a fraction of the sacrifices our troops do,” Ojeda’s website further states. “Live modestly while serving your country and live on a modest pension thereafter. It’s not too much to ask when our country hangs in the balance. This ensures not just that our representatives won’t be bought and paid for, but that they will have some understanding of the life of the working class citizen.”


CNN reports Ojeda had voted for then-candidate Trump for president in 2016, but has since grown to dislike him. He frequently called Trump “a total whacko” during the midterms.

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