Re: Talk About "Inconvenient" Fiscal Truths!

Posted: Nov 23, 2009 11:21 PM
Carol, to follow up on your piece about David Broder's article about health care reform, it was interesting to see the reaction from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to Broder's criticism.

The Huffington Post recently featured an article with the video of Senator Reid on the Senate floor responding to Broder and referring to him as a retired man who "writes a column every once in a while." In that video, Reid went on to argue that we need a debate about health care. It is ironic for Reid to simply write off a critical article about health care reform and then call for a debate on that very subject. If he really wanted a debate, shouldn't he challenge Broder's analysis on the subject rather than Broder himself?

Plus, to add to this fact, Democrats have had a hard time selling health care reform to senior citizens. With that in mind, it is funny that Reid would use this opportunity in the spotlight to call Broder a retiree as if that is a bad thing or to make it seem like retired people should have less of a say in the debate than other people, who would be less affected by this debate.

Reid's criticism of Broder on the floor is another reminder of why people should work against Reid's re-election next year. Reid may say he wants to have a debate but he does not seem to want to respond to criticisms of his policies. One day, perhaps soon, Reid may be voted out of office and become a retired politician who, if lucky, is given the chance to write a column "every once in a while" but then, according to Reid, we shouldn't focus on it.