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A Moment for Mothers

Several weeks ago, I was reading Rebecca Hagelin’s great new book "30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family" and I was struck by how much of Hagelin's parental wisdom was present in my home growing up. Although I was raised years before the book was released, my parents (who celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in late April) incorporated many of the lessons in the book in raising my sister, my brother and myself. Because of that, I was extremely satisfied to read the book and know that parents everywhere who read the book will be able to get some important advice and great resources from it. 

In her book, Hagelin, who, it should be noted is a regular columnist at, dispenses advice to parents along with personal stories about her own family, stories from some of her readers and also additional resources for parents to use for added support in what she refers to as “the daily battle”. As Hagelin writes, “I’ve come to realize all too soon that the opportunity I have to mold and shape the hearts and lives entrusted to my care is the greatest privilege and challenge of my life.” With such an idea in mind, Hagelin’s advice ranges from ways to keep the home inviting to your children’s friends (She writes, “Feed them, and they will come”) to ways to communicate with other parents who host her children. She notes that “Placing a quick ring helps me identify which parents share my values, and assures them that I am vigilant about taking care of the minors in my home”. Amongst other topics, the chapters in her book range from discussing maintaining family time to noting the importance of knowing what your children are watching on television, seeing on the computer and viewing at the local movie theater.
Although some people may not choose to follow all of the advice in the book, for parents, it is a great read and a reminder that parents have a responsibility to look out for and take care of their children. In the second chapter of her book, Hagelin asks an important question for parents. She writes, “What are we doing now to prepare our children to become the adults we envision?” It may be an obvious question but it is a vital one for parents.

On Mother's Day, a day we celebrate all of our mothers, it is crucial that we note the critical work that they do (along with fathers) and appreciate books like "30 Ways" that provide great advice for young parents and future generations of parents alike.

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