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Guest Blog by Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.)

Just a few hours ago, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 246-183 to pass the so-called “economic stimulus” package proposed by President Obama and written by congressional Senator Jim DeMintDemocrats. Every single House Republican opposed the bill. (Roll Call)


This evening members of the Senate will meet to cast their votes as well. Sadly, three Republicans will likely join Democrats to ensure the bill is passed.

The massive spending bill, filled to the brim with a liberal wish list of pork projects, spends a minimum of $789 billion and possibly as much as $3.27 trillion (Heritage Foundation).

As my friend, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, and I wrote today in the Washington Examiner (DC Examiner):

"Each and every one of the $800 billion in  taxpayer dollars that Mr. Obama wants to inject into the economy has to come from somewhere, and in this case, we are laying the bill at the feet of those  very children and grandchildren whose future the President says he’s committed  to protecting. And we share the belief that mortgaging the economic future of  successive generations of Americans in order to buy ourselves some short-term  job relief is not only bad policy, it’s an abdication of our  responsibility.  A moral argument is certainly in play here—Obama just  happens to be on the wrong side of it."

The final version of the bill was made available to the public (and to us Republicans in Congress) yesterday at 11 p.m., which gives us less than 24 hours to read 1,071 pages. I can guarantee you that none of my congressional colleagues will have read this bill in its entirety before they vote on it today. It will likely be years before we learn the true consequences of today's irresponsible action.


It is disappointing to see the same old games being played in Washington after being promised that things were finally going to change. However, there is reason to be hopeful. For weeks my office and others on Capitol Hill have been flooded with calls and letters from constituents voicing angry opposition to the stimulus package that will do little, if anything, to stimulate the economy. (McClatchy) It’s heartening to hear from so many of my fellow Americans who are informed and involved and anxious to preserve their freedom.

So while liberals rushed through a temporary victory for Big Government today, I am confident Americans will win the final battle for freedom in the days to come -- as long as they are vigilant in their quest and speak out to protect their liberties.

Elected as South Carolina’s 55th senator in 2004, Senator DeMint quickly established himself as one of the most effective conservative leaders in Washington, seeking to enact innovative solutions to improve America for future generations. He has been a tireless advocate for smaller government, individual liberty, a strong national defense and traditional values.

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