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At This Point I would Settle for Nothing

Last November I wrote to you about the evidence that this Congress is the Least Productive Congress…ever. My argument continues to sustain itself.

Amidst a myriad of national issues, House Democrats have actively refused to bring anything substantive to the attention of the House of Representatives.


Gas prices are teetering at $4 per gallon, there are food shortages both at home and abroad, House Democrats have left our intelligence professionals without the ability to quickly intercept communications from foreign terrorists, and Democrats are still trying to compromise on a clean farm bill free from extraneous additions.

This week some of the most important legislation that reached the House floor included: Promoting the safe operation of 15-passenger vans, expressing support for designation of March 11, 2008, as "National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day,” and Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that there should be established a National Watermelon Month.

Passenger vans, funeral director day, and watermelon month, I take it back….this is the do less than nothing Congress.

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