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Since I have been in Washington, I have recognized the need for a revitalization and rejuvenation of the Republican Party.  Republicans have a proud tradition of upholding Ronald Reagan’s principles of liberty and a vision for the 21st Century. That vision is a America that espouses individual freedom, free enterprise, and common-sense values. Americans are crying out for leadership with courage, principle, and integrity.


This is why I’ve helped create a new conservative group, called Reagan21, which unites Republican leaders from both chambers of Congress.   Reagan21 presents a positive alternative to the current majority in Congress.   Members of this caucus are committed to several core values:  

  • Integrity- Rebuild American trust and confidence in government
  • Tax Reform- Increase personal saving and liberty
  • Budget and Spending - Protect the family budget and maintaining a sound federal spending policy
  • Entitlement Reform- Personal ownership of retirement security and healthcare decisions
  • Ethics- Ending all earmarks
  • Healthcare- Coverage for all under their own personal ownership
  • Education - End federal intrusion into local education.
  • Immigration- Enforce the rule of law and border security first.
  • Energy- Make America energy independent
  • National Security- Engage extremists by expanding human intelligence & covert capability.

Members of Reagan21 are committed to these policy objectives.  We endeavor to advance a new and invigorated Republican Party as best able to guide America’s future in a positive direction.

Expect to hear more from Reagan21 members in the future.  For more information go to www.Reagan21.org

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