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As the deadline for federal income tax filing looms, writers across the nation are penning some quality articles on our government's chaotic tax code and troubling spending forecasts. One article of note was written by Brian Reidl of the Heritage Foundation. In it, he clearly laid out the break down of federal spending per American household. The federal government is slated to spend $24,106 per household this year, the highest total since World War II. Of that number, roughly 30 percent will go towards entitlement programs, which is only going to increase as time goes on.
We need to get our fiscal house in order. This spending growth is simply unacceptable. To read Reidl's entire article, click here.
Top Five Areas of Federal Spending per Household:
1. Social Security/Medicare: $8,301.
2. Defense: $4,951.
3. Anti-Poverty Programs: $3,550.
4. Interest on the Federal Debt: $2,071.
5. Federal Employee Retirement Benefits: $907.

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