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Many of you have posted comments pointing out that Republicans committed many of the same fiscal sins when we were in control that are now being committed by the Democrats.
You are absolutely correct. And Republicans lost the majority in no small part because we said we were fiscal conservatives, but we didn't act like it.
When the Democrat's swept into power, they said they would be committed to reforming earmarks and being fiscally responsible. They are doing neither. They have clearly not changed from the tax and spend days of old. My previous posts on this blog speak to the lengths they have gone the past couple months.
Now, that does not excuse Republican fiscal transgressions. I would love to tell you my colleagues have learned these lessons. But that is not true. However, many of us never lost that fiscal compass. It is we in the Republican Study Committee that have kept the fiscally responsible flame burning on Capitol Hill, however, dimly.
If you care about lower taxes, curtailed spending, and less government in your lives, the Democrats will never deliver for you. First, we must expose their hypocrisy in that regard. Then we must return a Republican majority to Congress with the renewed fiscal discipline of 1994. That is my mission. I hope you will join me.

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