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Top House Budget Committee Republican: More taxation equals less freedom

This week, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the ranking Republican on the Budget Committee and a member of the RSC, recorded the House Republican Radio Address.  You can listen to his critique of the Democrat’s budget by following this link. There are also excerpts below.


The budget Democrats proposed is true to their philosophy. They believe that more government is better government, and that the best way to solve the myriad problems we face in this country is to spend more and more and to tax our people more and more to pay for that spending.

Republicans believe – I believe – more taxation equals less freedom.

We believe that the best America is an America free from the shackles of big government. We believe that the nucleus of our society and the engine of economic growth in this country is the individual, not the government. The American dream is the story of a person who, regardless of race, religion, gender, or class, reaches their God-given potential by making the most of the franchise of liberty. And the more we tax this individual, the less freedom he will have, and the less freedom his family will have.

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