American Taxpayer Bill of Rights Gains Momentum

Posted: Mar 21, 2007 2:38 PM

A lot is going on today on Capitol Hill. Along with debate over the budget and the supplemental to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there was a rally led by FreedomWorks chairman and former Majority Leader Dick Armey in support of the "American Taxpayer Bill of Rights." I had a chance to step out of the Budget Committee hearing to speak at this event. Dozens of grass roots supporters from across the country showed up as well as several members of the RSC. The event was a great sign that momentum is building in support of this bold reform agenda.

On the same front, RSC Chairman Jeb Hensarling authored this editorial in today's Wall Street Journal. He makes some great points about the need to support the major fiscal reforms laid out in the "American Taxpayer Bill of Rights." The out of control spending and growing cost of entitlements needs to be resolved. We need genuine reform, and right now all I am seeing proposed by the Democrats is more taxes and more spending. That's not a solution, that's the problem.

Here are some more thoughts from RSC members out in the Blog world talking budget issues…

RSC Chairman Jeb Hensarling of Texas:
"Members of the RSC are working to start a grassroots effort to ensure that leaders in Washington never forget that tax money belongs to the taxpayers, not the government." You can read more at this link.

Rep. Scott Garrett of New Jersey:
"November hurt, but we got the message loud and clear that fiscal conservatives are alive and well across the country. Wednesday will be the day that voters will see that the Democrats never repented of their tax-and-spend ways and that Republicans are ready to reclaim our rightful place as the party of fiscal responsibility." You can read more at this link.