Couple Asks: Should We Abort?

Posted: Nov 19, 2010 8:12 AM
It might be a farce... but if it's real, it's sick. A Minnesota couple is asking whether they should abort their baby on a website, After having three miscarriages, Alisha Arnold and her husband, Peter Arnold, weren't sure if she could handle a child emotionally. So they're polling the internet to figure out what to do, while blogging about the progress of the unborn child. Here's one entry:
At my 16 week OB check they did another ultrasound and baby’s development is still on target.  Lots of fetal movement and the hematoma was smaller once again.  Baby “Wiggles” heartbeat was at 164 bpm and I got to hear it on the dop tone as well.  The nurse even informed me how the staticky crunch noises that I hear are the baby’s movements.
The tag line for the website is even worse: You can vote and choose whether we abort or keep our unborn child. For the first time, your vote on the topic of abortion can make a difference.