Rick Scott's Victory Over Alex Sink Means Big Things For Florida

Posted: Nov 03, 2010 11:25 AM
As Kevin mentioned earlier, Alex Sink's concession to Rick Scott came after a hard-fought election, which boiled down to less than a percentage point, or about 68,000 votes. Sink did not demand a recount, and state election laws did not require that it take place.

This is a big win for the GOP. Sink was solidly in line with President Obama's agenda, and keeping the governor's seat in Republican hands was a top priority for national conservatives. The state will undergo redistricting during Scott's term — Florida elected a Republican majority in both the state House and Senate, so this could have serious implications for the balance of power.

I'm expecting a strong primary challenge when Scott's term is up. The power of incumbency, however, and his bottomless bank account will probably keep him there for another term, unless something goes seriously wrong.

Scott and Sink spent a combined $54 million on their contest in advertising alone.