Republican from One of Ohio's Most Competitive Races Would Be "Shocked" If GOP Didn't Sweep Entire State

Posted: Nov 02, 2010 11:40 AM
In my interview with Republican Congressional candidate Bill Johnson, he said that he had high hopes for Ohio today — to the point that he would be "shocked" if the GOP did not win all of the competitive races in the state. He's talking about the high-profile governor race, along with three to six house races in which the GOP has an edge, but could reasonably flip either way.
Regardless of my race, I felt like I would be one of the most shocked people around if all of the Republicans in my state did not win. Not just because I'm a Republican — I've been in the military for 27 years. We've got some exceptionally strong candidates from the top to the bottom. I'll be shocked if they don't win.
How does Johnson feel about his endorsements from Grover Norquist and Sarah Palin? Grateful, but lukewarm:
I worry more about what I stand for. I'm glad that they see value in my message, I actually look at it the other way around. I'd like to think that they think that I bring value to the table with my beliefs that America is strong, can be stronger, and that the American dream is in danger, and that we need to take action so the future generations like my granddaughter have an opportunity to achieve her dreams, like I did. But I don't worry too much about what their images are...
Johnson agreed that Palin had, in some ways, become the "voice" for today's conservatives, and concluded that "She is very popular" in his district. But he certainly played up just a little bit of distance, given that his district had swung Democratic less than two years ago.