I Offered to Write Alvin Greene's Concession Speech. He Didn't Accept My Offer.

Posted: Nov 02, 2010 2:30 PM
I figured I'd check in on South Carolina's thrilling Senate contest between incumbent Republican Jim DeMint and underdog Democrat Alvin Greene. After a few minutes of chatting, I figured I'd offer to write his concession speech tonight. That was after I had to explain to him what a concession speech, or victory speech, even was.

Greene didn't accept my offer. "You can just put what I said up on the website," he told me. So here's what he said.
We have good Democrat weather, and I’ve gotten my message out over the last few weeks emphasizing that my opponent, Sen. DeMint started the recession.

It makes no sense to send someone back to Washington who is messing up things every day. He fails the country. He led the country into the recession. And, he did such things as support the Bush tax plan. He allowed record cuts to education. And, the mismanagement of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If I was still a soldier in the army, I’d still be in Afghanistan.
That's not what you signed up when you joined the army ?
No, but I'm just sayin'.
So what do you plan on doing if you're elected?
We can do nice productive things that I have to offer, or we can continue on with DeMint’s gridlock politics. His explanation for this is gridlock.

...That’s all I could do, is just inform people about the facts. I’m just surprised that people don’t care.
I called Sen. DeMint's press secretary for a response. All he told me was "no."