Democrat In PA-7 Defense Funding A Tea Party Spoiler

Jillian Bandes
Posted: Oct 23, 2010 3:20 PM
Rumors abound of Democrats funding third, "tea party" candidates to siphon votes away from Republican nominees this cycle. Here's one of those rumors that has turned out to be rock-solid truth: Tea Party candidate Jim Schneller, running against Democrat Bryan Lentz and Republican Pat Meehan in Pennsylvania's 7th district.

This is the seat that being vacated by Rep. Joe Sestak, and is one of more than half dozen seats in Pennsylvania that are considered to be highly competitive. Meehan's lead is a measly 1% according to a recent poll, and Schneller candidacy will only take votes away from the Republican.

In an interview with the Delaware County Daily Times editorial board, Lentz used this justification for aiding Schneller's campaign:
If somebody's already made the decision to run, I didn't think that 'helping' with the process of signature petitions was improper.
My first-grade sister could see through that defense. Lentz also claims that because Schneller made the decision to run by himself, Lentz hasn't done anything improper. This third-party spoiler just so happened to fall in his lap as his race tightened to an even split. Here's Meehan campaign manager Bryan Kendro, speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer:
It's about time Bryan Lentz would admit what the media has been reporting on for months...Despite his efforts to fool voters about his role in supporting Schneller's candidacy, he was forced to come clean, and he should apologize for not being forthright.