ON THE TRAIL: Adams Gains In NASA Country

Posted: Oct 07, 2010 7:15 AM
Remember Suzanne Kosmas? She's the Democratic representative from Florida's space belt, in moderate district, who voted down the line with President Obama for the past two years. Kosmas' re-campaign is getting farther and farther away from her as election day gets closer, with Republican Sandy Adams posting a twelve point lead in a September poll. National Democrats have recognized this, and cut her advertising budget in half in the few weeks leading up to the campaign.

It's possible that Democrats think Kosmas can weather the campaign on her own — she's got a massive cash advantage over Adams. But Rothenberg has essentially called the race in Adam's favor. Florida is an extremely expensive media market, and cutting resources right now is a bad sign.

Sandy Adams has a quick explanation for her success over Kosmas so far when I met up with her at a recent campaign stop.
My opponent has not touched on the issues. She's not running on the fact that she voted on the stimulus, she's not voting on the fact that she voted for cap-and-trade, she's not running on the fact that she voted for the health care bill... it's like she is trying to run away from her votes.