Making Good On The Threat To "Turn this bus around!"

Posted: Sep 29, 2010 1:50 PM
After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Joe Miller in the Alaska Senate primary, the Tea Party Express is coming back to the state to rally against Lisa Murkowksi's write-in bid. The message is clear:
We voted you out once, and we'll do it again.
Murkowski has called the Tea Party Express an "outside extremist group," and her campaign has tried to deflect their latest efforts by saying they should be focusing their money and energy elsewhere. Here's campaign spokesman Steve Wackowski, talking to The Hill:
If they really cared about Alaska, they would just stay in California and work to unseat Barbara Boxer.
The Last Frontier is just a little more exciting, it seems. Campaigning is fun when you can call an overly-desperate write-in candidate a "spoiled Princess."