Two Conflicting O'Donnell Reax

Posted: Sep 15, 2010 8:45 AM
From wizard Charlie Cook:

Marketing consultant Christine O’Donnell’s upset of Rep. Mike Castle in last night’s Republican primary puts this open seat, which should have been an easy pick up for the GOP, out of their reach. While the primary provided Democrats with enough fodder to bury O’Donnell, from her personal finances to dubious claims she made in a lawsuit against a former employer, the reality is that Delaware is a Democratic-leaning state where Democrats have a 17-point advantage over Republicans in voter registration.

National Republicans harbor no delusions that they can make O’Donnell a viable candidate.... With Delaware off the board for the GOP, the possibility that they can net the 10 seats needed win the majority becomes significantly harder. While it is still mathematically possible, winning Delaware was an important part of the equation.

From the Susan B. Anthony List, the first national pro-life group to endorse O’Donnell this cycle.
Christine O’Donnell’s win, combined with the successes of Carly Fiorina and Sharron Angle, continues building momentum for 2010 to be remembered as the ‘Year of the Pro-life Woman. Christine O’Donnell’s come-from-behind victory is evidence that voters across America are hungry for conservative pro-life candidates.

..with no pro-life women currently in the Senate, Barbara Boxer goes unchallenged telling our pro-life men they can’t speak for women.

That will change in the Senate this November when authentic pro-life women leaders like Christine O’Donnell are elected.  Her victory is part of a new pro-life women’s movement making its way to the U.S. Senate.  While her primary opponent held an explicitly pro-abortion voting record, O’Donnell expressed her strong determination to be a vocal advocate for women and unborn children on the floor of the U.S. Senate, a stance which clearly made a difference at the ballot box.