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WikiLeaks Plans To Release More Documents

The Pentagon is screaming, but WikiLeaks is determined to let loose another 7,000 to 15,000 documents, adding to the 76,000 documents they've already unveiled. These new docs seem to be even more damaging than the ones before, given that the organizers of WikiLeaks spent nearly a month censoring them. That censoring was conducted according to WikiLeak's own standards, of course -- not the military's.


The 76,000 published documents revealed names of several Afghanistan operatives sympathetic to coalition forces, and Pentagon officials are afraid of retribution against those individuals as well as against American soldiers, according to the Times of London. Obama, of course, initially denied that any of the information could harm our missions abroad. But time is the ultimate arbiter of how sensitive a leak can be, and the true extent of the damage will only be revealed long after initial revelations took place.

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