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Posted: Jul 03, 2010 7:57 AM
In response to "Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Fastest Way To Create Jobs (Full Answer)," vladimir estragon writes:
I think it's a misstatement to say that unemployment checks "create" jobs, but she's absolutely right that unemployment checks are spent quickly and, contrary to the racists in the other thread, not on drugs and strippers.
Unemployment checks are not very large. They're certainly not enough to live on. People on unemployment use them to pay their big bills, like the mortgage or the car payments. So the government hands out money, yes, but it IMMEDIATELY flows out into the larger economy. That's not "creating" jobs, but it's definitely "saving" jobs.
In response to "More 'Proof' of the Obama Administration's "Competence" marc writes:      
Ok just doesn't really matter anymore. With Dear Leader in power the entire world is headed toward fire and death....for some reason you do not see it, care about it, or want it to happen.
rdk writes:      
The incompetence of the Obama Administration needs no more proof. Obama's personal incompetence has now become self evident. He has even lost his political mojo.