Al Gore: Crazy Sex Poodle?

Posted: Jun 25, 2010 9:17 AM
I wouldn't doubt it.


With all those environmentally sensitive feelings he's got swimming around in him, it's entirely possible that he goes poodle-crazy in the bedroom. That was the choice phrase used by his accuser, a masseuse, who said Gore made unwanted advances during a massage session. That was when she told him he was a "crazy sex poodle." When he ignored that exclamation and climbed on top of her, she told him to "get off me, you big lummox!" Yes, a poodle and a lummox, ladies and gentleman.

Unfortunately, the accuser sounds a little poodle-crazy herself. Here's what she said about his initial advances when he first walked in the door:
I try to keep an open, professional mind and a sense of ‘the benefit of the doubt’… I assumed he must be engaging in something like the ‘new ages politician in casual mode’… a kind of a beneficent patriarch thing going on it seemed.
"New ages politician in casual mode?" Honey, these kinds of moves are as old as dirt, though, the poodle meme is admittedly a newer development.