GOP Primary To Replace Murtha Gets A Little NY-23-y

Posted: Feb 24, 2010 6:34 PM
William Russell and Tim Burns are vying for the GOP nomination to compete in the special election to replace deceased Rep. John Murtha, in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. Since that term is only a few months (the district's regularly-scheduled election would take place this November) each candidate will have the opportunity to appear twice on the ballot -- once to compete in the special, and again to compete in the general.

A recent Zogby poll had Russell with 37% of likely voters in the district, Burns with 7%, and 57% undecided. But the nominee is chosen by delegates to the state GOP, rather than by voters in a primary election  -- a lot like the way Dede Scozzafava was picked in NY-23. That means insider connections is everything, and rumors have it that Burns is the inside guy.

Polls don't mean everything, but they mean something, and it'll certainly be interesting to see the way the Pennsylvania GOP picks their nominee this time around.
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