Barry O 'Fesses Up On CSPAN Pledge

Posted: Feb 03, 2010 10:19 AM
Obama's trip to New Hampshire yesterday made news because he unveiled a new push for small business loans -- yet another example of the government meddling in an economy that is better left untouched. A side-bar item that got less attention was that Obama admitted he was wrong not to televise the health care debate on CSPAN. According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, Obama said that questions about why the debates were not televised were "valid criticism," and said he "probably should have put it on C-SPAN."

Probably should've put it on C-SPAN? I understand that it's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission, but should that really be a live option when dealing with national health, and legislation that will re-structure a fifth of the U.S. economy?

Even more outrageous is the timing of this confession. Obama has stayed mum on the issue until yesterday, even after C-SPAN Chief Executive Brian Lamb penned a letter to Obama, asking him to open up the negotiations forthwith. Obama's press secretary has avoided questions about the pledge as well.  All of a sudden, when health care is looking less and less pass-able, it's fine to admit you were, in fact, acting as evasively as possible? Forget the President who pledged to be the most transparent in history. I'm just looking for some indication that he isn't the least transparent in U.S. history.
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