Supreme Court Justices Are Ugly, Republicans Can't Lead, And Has Anyone Seen Scott Brown's Pickup Truck?

Posted: Jan 27, 2010 10:05 PM
Obama thinks the Citizens United ruling will "usher in" more special interests in Washington. Alito looked a little combative. I think mud wrestling is in order.

Hats off to him recognizing that there is a "fundamental difference in ideology" between different political views. He admitted that some politics are irreconcilable, and I think he might've even alluded to Thomas Paine, but I'm working my way through a bottle of wine and can't be completely sure.

He referenced Scott Brown for about half a second. Republicans "have to lead" now that Democrats don't have a supermajority. If leading means holding your ground on that irreconcilable ideology, I'm all for it. Scott Brown can be in front of all that leading. In his pick-up truck. Maybe he could even wear purple.