Shooting At Capitol As Soto Hearings Close

Posted: Jul 15, 2009 5:54 PM
It reportedly occurred on the Senate side. No word whether or not it was near the Judiciary Committee hearings, or why the shooting took place. Apparently a white Mercedes crashed, ten shots were fired, and a white man was put in an ambulance.

Capitol police are working to block off a section of streets near the Capitol, and have sealed off some entrances to the Capitol itself.

Let's pray this isn't the doing of a crazed anti-abortion protester. What a step in the wrong direction for the cause of life.

UPDATE: The incident was not politically motivated, according to police. A theft occurred at Union Station, a large shopping center and metro hub right near the Capitol. The thief escaped in a car and was pursued by police until they emerged from their car with a gun and began shooting. Police returned fire, and the suspect was taken down. More updates as we get them.
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