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Happy Fifth of the Fourth

In light of Obama's celebration of "Cinco de Cuatro" – fifth of the fourth – yesterday, I'd like to take today to recall Obama's commitment to diversity and his experiences abroad. After he graduated college, Obama spent months in Europe and Africa, and during the campaign, told
Hispanic Trending that he was the one to bring "new leadership in Washington that understands the challenges working people and minorities face in this country." Yesterday, he decided to not only flaunt the actual day Cinco De Mayo was occurring and celebrate it early, but completely botch the name:
Bienvenidos. Welcome to Cinco de Cuatro — (laughter) — Cinco de Mayo at the White House. We are a day early, but we always like to get a head start here at the Obama White House.
Uh, sorry. That would be "Cuatro de Mayo," not "Cinco de Cuatro." At least Bush could get the Spanish thing down.

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