Posted: Apr 03, 2009 1:21 PM
This story out of Philly made my heart leap with joy. Why wouldn't we want another Republican candidate with ethics violations? Yesterday, the New Jersey Republican gubernatorial candidate Christopher J. Christie was re-questioned about his brother's past issues with the Securities and Exchange Commission in April of 2005. His brother was cleared of charges by one David Kelly, U.S. prosecutor. Except now, the Mendham Observer-Tribune breaks the news that Christie gave a  no-bid contract to Kelly in September of 2007.  The Obsever-Tribune said that the contracts "are valued in the millions of dollars but the full tab is unknown because none of the parties is obligated to disclose the fees."

Christie is denying that there's any connection, saying that he didn't even have a conversation about the contracts with Kelly. Which reminds me of that great Saturday Night Live series with Seth and Amy: "Really?" Sure, the Democratic monkeys have enough ethical bananas to satisfy King Kong, but that doesn't mean our zoo is completely clean, either. We're in a position of rebuilding the integrity of our brand, and stuff like this can't fly anymore. And get this: Democrats want to hold a hearing in the state Senate about Christie, AFTER the Republican primary takes place. I think we should take a good, hard look before we put him up on the stump.