Daniel Hannan for World President

Posted: Mar 30, 2009 9:04 AM

Remember Daniel Hannan, the British rockstar / Conservative MEP for the South East of England who gave the oratory of the century against British Prime Minister Gordon Brown? Here it is again in case you hadn't seen it — and even if you have, it's worth a repeat watch:

On his blog, Hannan has some excellent comments ahead of the G20 summit on Wednesday, namely, that Obama and Brown should fail. Hannan's analysis may be from England, but his commentary is readily applicable across the pond. He claims Brown is copping out of the financial mess via three main exit routes: magnify the scope of the crisis, look for even more money, and act like you've got everything under control. Obama's rhetoric and action sounds very similar.

Though Obama has voiced differences with EU leaders over stimulus money, he's still willing to pay it out - just as Brown wants it paid out - and that's unacceptable.