Fetus Farms?

Posted: Mar 13, 2009 10:05 AM
The British Daily Mail said Professor Sir Richard Gardner, an Oxford University stem cell expert, wants to give tissues from aborted fetuses to sick patients who need organ replacements. Using fetal tissue is "something that could be done but it's not something that's talked about much," Gardner said. Using fetal tissues is "more realistic" than other technologies being developed; at the very least, it could be "a temporary solution."

The Mail also quoted one Professor Stuart Campbell, who said that if babies "are going to be terminated, it is a shame to waste their organs."

From Joy Yearout, Communications Director at the Susan B. Anthony List:
Just last year the UK Parliament debated the merits of human-animal hybrids, so it should come as no surprise that British scientists have now moved on to the idea of human embryo farms.