VIDEO: Unarmed Starbucks Customer Gives Would-Be Armed Robber a Beatdown

Posted: Jul 22, 2017 5:00 PM

A would-be armed robber is in the hospital recovering from wounds he received from his own knife after a regular Starbucks customer foiled his attempt.

Cregg Jerri was sitting at a table inside the store when Ryan Florez approached the counter with a fake gun and a knife and made demands. Jerri calmly stood up, grabbed a chair, and hit Florez in the back twice with it. The two fought for about a minute. 

Florez, stabbed in the face and abdomen, ran out of the store and drove off. He eventually abandoned his car near a canal and continued on foot. Passersby, noticing his injuries, called the police, and Florez tried to say he was the victim of a robbery - but officers had already determined he was the suspect they were looking for in the Starbucks robbery.

Surveillance video captured the whole incident.

Jerri suffered a stab wound to the neck that required staples to close. Florez, 30, who has a juvenile criminal record but has not been convicted as an adult, will charged with attempted armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon when he's released from the hospital.

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