Katy Perry's Advice to Manchester - "Always Choose Love"

Posted: Jun 04, 2017 4:00 PM

During Ariana Grande's "One Love Manchester" benefit concert, Katy Perry offered her advice to the grieving people.

"It's not easy to always choose love, is it, especially in moments like this... but love conquers fear and love conquers hate, and this love you choose will give you strength, and it's our greatest power.

"As you stand here, all of you here..standing next to a stranger...just touch the next person, touch the person next to you. Tell them I love you, look in their eyes.

"I encourage you to choose love, even when it's difficult. Let no one take that away from you."

Katy, are you saying the people of Manchester didn't choose love before? It didn't conquer the hate of the savage who blew himself up at Ariana's concert, maiming and killing children. It didn't conquer the hate of the beasts who rammed into a crowd and then stabbed people and slit throats less than 24 hours ago in London.

What do you really think a jihadi will do, Katy, if you walked up to him and touched him and looked in his eyes and told him you love him? Will he suddenly see the light? Should the people at the bars in Borough Market have tried that last night?

We do choose love, Katy. We choose to love our families, our friends, and our country. That love of our families and friends will lead us to stand up to evil, fear, and hate. Because our society chooses love, these jihadis want to kill us. 

Wake up, Katy.