Dems Line Up for DNC Chair Run

Posted: Nov 11, 2016 9:15 AM
Dems Line Up for DNC Chair Run

Following Hillary Clinton’s shocking loss Tuesday, top liberal Democrats are positioning themselves to run for Democratic National Committee chairman. Donna Brazile is currently the interim chair, but she has said she doesn't want to serve permanently.

Gov. Howard Dean, who already served as chairman from 2005 to 2009, has made the public announcement he wants his old job back.

Dean is expected to face competition during his run for the top Democratic post. Bernie Sanders has publicly backed Minnesota representative Keith Ellison (Congress’ first Muslim member and an ardent supporter of Bernie’s presidential candidacy) on Thursday. However, Ellison has not made clear if he will run or not. He did say when he would make a decision.

"I will announce that I'm going to make an announcement on Monday. So there you go," hinted Ellison.

The hesitation hasn’t stopped liberal firebrand Bernie Sanders from supporting him. Liberal outlet has referred to a possible Ellison chairmanship as “excellent.”

Democratic representatives Xavier Becerra and Steve Israel are also said to be mulling a run.

Amid one of the most embarrassing losses for the Democratic Party in history, the race is on to see who is going to be picking up the pieces.

Update: During an interview Friday, Dean made a slight shot against Ellison, claiming that a chairman could not hold two jobs at once - a reference to Ellison already serving in Congress.

Upcoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is reportedly backing Ellison for chairman, putting serious weight behind his possible candidacy.