Bannon Wanted to Derail Speaker Ryan’s Career Long Before He Joined the Trump Campaign

Posted: Oct 12, 2016 3:45 PM

Donald Trump wrapped up another campaign stop on the campaign trail today in Ocala, Florida. The GOP nominee did not hold back in his criticism of rival Hillary Clinton. He mentioned new unflattering revelations of Hillary following the continual WikiLeaks email dumps.

However, Trump did not only attack Democrats in his Florida speech. While going relatively light, the bombastic nominee couldn’t help but take more shots at Speaker Ryan. He hinted at an apparent “sinister deal” taking place in Congress where Republicans and Democrats agree not to attack each other. The mass collusion that Trump alleges is going on is something he promises to stop should he becomes president.

The relationship between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan is obviously at its worst – and this is a relationship that was never great to begin with.

Speaker Ryan finally had enough of Trump’s antics after leaked tapes revealed crude, sexual comments made by Trump in 2005. After announcing to House members he would no longer be defending the GOP presidential nominee and that House members should do what they feel is best to protect their seats, Trump reacted lividly. True to form, Trump responded via Twitter:

The average voter would surmise the Ryan/Trump beef began only after Trump announced his candidacy for the White House and went on to make a series of comments to which Ryan later denounced.

However, new revelations are beginning to question the complete origins of the Ryan/Trump feud. Before Steve Bannon joined the Trump campaign as CEO, he was in charge of Breitbart.

Anonymous sources within Breitbart have reported to The Hill that Bannon had near “paranoia” over the newly appointed Speaker of the House in 2015. A former staffer said that Bannon would rage against the Speaker on a constant basis – believing Ryan was part of a conspiracy to create a "one world government” along with Paul Singer and George Soros.

He didn’t just hate the guy. According to sources, he wanted to see the full ouster of Paul Ryan.

In response to an associate’s December 2015 email asking Bannon to work with the newly-elected Speaker on mental health issues, Bannon said he wanted Ryan “gone by spring."

“I’ve got a cure for mental health issue,” Bannon wrote to Boyle. “Spank your children more.”

“I get that,” responded Boyle, “but this is a place where we can open a bridge to Paul Ryan --- we're playing the very long long long game Steve.”

Replied Bannon: “Long game is him gone by spring.”

Remember, this was when Ryan first became Speaker of the House, long before Bannon ever became a pivotal member of the Trump team.

No matter where they stand on the Ryan/Trump feud, most pundits agree the recent spat is not helping the Speaker’s career – the possibility for him to run for president in 2020, or even the Republican majority he currently holds in the House of Representatives.

One question remains: Could Bannon be partly responsible for Trump’s ferocious attacks on the most powerful Republican in office?