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After cracking down on salt, portions and smoking, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has a new target in mind: alcohol. As part of the 'Partnership For a Healthier New York City', he will reduce the number of liquor stores in New York City and crack down on advertisements for alcohol. Someone should probably remind him that they tried this once already.


Michael Bloomberg is set to unveil his latest attempt to improve public health - cutting down on New Yorkers' alcohol consumption.

The city's mayor is planning to close liquor stores and restrict alcohol advertising, according to a leaked strategy document.

Such a move would be the latest salvo in Mr Bloomberg's public health campaign, which has previously seen him take aim at smoking, trans fats and salty food.

But wait, there's more. Guess how this ban will be funded? If you said, 'with Obamacare money', you would be correct.

Efforts to cut down on drinking could be funded by 'community transformation grants' introduced as part of the 'Obamacare' health reforms.

Mike Long, head of the Conservative Party of New York and a former alcohol retailer, told the Post: 'Talk about a nanny state. Why don’t they just close all the liquor establishments?'

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